Conor started work initially as a draftsman and model maker in the film industry in 1998. This led him to working internationally with British production designer Tony Burrough, as set designer for Arabian Nights. He was hooked. Since then, he progressed on to working as an art director and supervising art director on numerous films and TV dramas over the last 18 years, both in Ireland and internationally. 

In 2015 Conor made the career break and began working as a production designer in his own right.

Production design credits include:

Cold Courage (2019) (Currently in production in Belgium)

The Hole in the Ground                         (2017)              (Screened at Sundance 2019 - Won Best Feature at Bilboa FANT 2019)

The Maamtrasna Murders                      (2017)             

The Cured                                    (2016)             

Halal Daddy                                         (2016)             

Jack Taylor – In Purgatory                     (2016)

Jack Taylor – Nemesis                          (2016)

Jack Taylor – Cross                              (2015)

A Dark Song                                        (2015)

Blight                                                  (2015)


Art Direction credits include:

Nightflyers (2018)

A Dangerous Fortune                            (2014)

Halo - Nightfall                                    (2014)

Penny Dreadful                                    (2014)

Quirke                                                 (2014)

Vikings                                                (2013)

Titanic - Blood & Steel                         (2012)

Ella Enchanted                                    (2004)

King Arthur                                          (2003)

The Medallion                                      (2002)

The Magnificent Ambersons                 (2002)

Arabian Nights                                    (1999)